Tinbergen ‘Cello Editions

After years of experience in music editing for my private students and for cello courses, I have decided to publish part of these editions. Beautiful music, also suited for amateurs, mostly of an intermediate level.

During my PhD research I discovered music which should also be more widely known.

Tinbergen ‘Cello Editions was born.

See below for the available music.

Each edition consists of a score and parts, and a critical commentary.


Mr Carolo (published Amsterdam ca. 1701/2): 10 Trio sonatas for 2 bass instruments (2 cellos, 2 viols or 2 bassoons) and basso continuo. Urtext edition. Continuo realisation: Jérôme Brodin & Elske Tinbergen. Critical commentary included. In preparation.

Part 1: Sonatas I-V. Part 2: Sonatas VI-X. Each part consists of a score and two bass parts ‘in duet’.

Friedrich Karl zu Erbach (1680-1731): 6 Divertissements melodieux, duets for 2 violoncelli or 2 bassoons. Urtext edition. Critical commentary and cello bowings included. In preparation.

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