Every year since 2008 I give one of more courses for the national association ‘Huismuziek’. This association was founded in 1951 with the aim to have as many people as possible play and sing together. As a little girl of only 8 years old I also attended my first course. At the time I had only played cello for a few months. The combination of making music, dancing, camping and eating pancakes (all adults would bake their pancake speciality, and the children were allowed to walk around and eat something at every tent) is something I will never forget!

In the near future I will give the following courses:

February 5, 2021: ‘Met de cello op ‘grand tour’ ‘

June 5, 2021: ‘B.A.C.H. canons en fuga’s’

July 18-23, 2021: Muziekweek ‘Van Aznavour tot Zelenka’

Reviews from several students:

“Elske was enthusiastic and knowledgeable as always.”

“Elske is very relaxed and a hard worker; she has prepared everything well and remains alert and present all day long!”

Elske is a very inspiring woman who always fascinates me.
The way she plays and is able to give a different character to a piece with a single bow stroke. She is a star … “

“Good, serious, interesting, fun, inspiring.”