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Heading toward my PhD Defense at Leiden University, June 2018:

(Anoushka Kloosterman, University Newspaper Mare, June 2018)

Composer Daan Manneke following my performance of his ‘Tombeau pour Ton de Leeuw’:

“An enchanting performance.”

(Daan Manneke, May 2015)

Reviews for the cd Baroque Music in The Netherlands:

“[…] The performances of all this are excellent: the cellist [Elske] Tinbergen is a virtuoso, she has a beautiful tone and plays with a lot of musical eloquence and rhythmic flexibility; harpsichordist [Jӧrn] Boysen provides solid and imaginative continuo playing and in Bustijn’s suites he is a convincing soloist. This excellent recording was made possible by the Von Brucken Fonds in Middelburg and a private donation.”

(Henk Dekker, Tijdschrift Oude Muziek, 1/2013)

“Cellist Elske Tinbergen and harpsichordist Jӧrn Boysen are technically good musicians with a beautiful elegant performance; the pleasure they get from their teamwork is clearly audible.”

(Beatrice Dees, Akkoord, February/March 2013)

“This appealing baroque music by the composers Alexis Magito, Willem de Fesch and Pieter Bustijn is a surprise. […] Tinbergen and Boysen offer a beautiful interpretation.”

(Roel Sikkema, Nederlands Dagblad, November 2012)

Concerts with Bachkoor Holland with conductor Rob Vermeulen:

“The vitality, expression and clarity of the choir are asnwered with gusto by cellist Elske Tinbergen (of the small instrumental ensemble) in particular. While organ, double bass and lute function mainly as an integer continuum, Tinbergen shows her talent both in alert accompaniment and in a convincing solo performance; …… “

(Lidy van der Spek, Leidsch Dagblad, October 2006)