Tinbergen ‘Cello Editions

After years of experience in music editing for my private students and for cello courses, I have decided to publish part of these editions. Beautiful music, also suited for amateurs of an intermediate level and up.

During my PhD research I discovered music which should also be more widely known.

Tinbergen ‘Cello Editions was born.

See below for the available music.

Each edition consists of a score and parts, and a critical commentary.


NEW:   Alexis Magito (1711-1773): 6 cello sonatas Opus 1. Editor: Elske Tinbergen. Continuo realisation: Jérôme Brodin & Elske Tinbergen.

To mark the 250th year of Alexis Magito’s death, this new edition was published. It contains an extensive biography of the composer with many, until recently, unknown facts.

Volume 1: Sonates 1-3. For more info, click here

Volume 2: Sonates 4-6.For more info, click here

Each volume consists of a full score, a solo part and a separate basso continuo part. Published by Edition HH.

€30 per volume; when you purchase both volumes, I offer free postage within the Netherlands.

Mr Carolo (published Amsterdam ca. 1701/2): 10 Trio sonatas for 2 bass instruments (2 cellos, 2 viols or 2 bassoons) and basso continuo. Continuo realisation: Jérôme Brodin & Elske Tinbergen. Critical commentary included.

Part 1: Sonatas I-V. For an example click here  19.50€

Part 2: Sonatas VI-X. For an example, click here  €21.50

Each part consists of a score and two bass parts ‘in duet’.

Friedrich Karl zu Erbach (1680-1731): 6 Divertissements melodieux, duets for 2 violoncelli or 2 bassoons. Critical commentary and cello bowings included. In preparation.

Prices do not include postage (for an exception, see Alexis Magito’s cello sonatas).

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