5 cellisten


“Elske is an enthusiastic cello teacher who communicates easily. She clearly indicates what needs to be improved in posture, playing style and use of the muscles. She offers a compliment at the right time and gives clarity about where to make progress. When on occasion I didn’t have that much time to practise, Elske is accomodating. The lessons take place at the agreed time, but Elske is flexible in rescheduling when necessary. A pleasant and knowledgeable teacher.” (Jan)

“Elske is an inspired cello teacher. As a student you notice that she enjoys teaching. She is cheerful and the atmosphere during the lesson is relaxed but serious. She seeks and finds a solution for technical problems. The musical aspect also receives all the attention. I can wholeheartedly recommend Elske’s cello lessons to young and old.” (Liesbeth)

“Elske is an enthusiastic and musical cellist who teaches passionately. In addition to cello technique, she pays a lot of attention to the musical whole and especially: being a magician on your instrument!  During the lesson I always receive very valuable input. It is very easy to make appointments.”  (Lydia)

“Elske finds just the right balance between encouragement and constructive criticism. I learned an awful lot from her.” (Rianne)

“Hello! My name is Lisanne and I am 15 years old. I have been playing the cello for about 5 years now and have had cello lessons from Elske for 3 years. I also play in an orchestra and when the parts are difficult Elske always helps me, that is always very practical! The cello lessons with Elske are always great fun and enjoyable.”  (Lisanne)

“During Elske’s lessons, making music is central. If you have a different interpretation of a certain piece, that’s perfectly okay, as long as you fully support it and convey the message clearly. A pleasant atmosphere and musical challenge characterize the lessons. (Gerrieke)

“After more than 30 years of experience in playing the cello in an amateur symphony orchestra, I ended up with Elske with my baroque cello: what I learned from her – and still learn – was a true revelation for me. It was only in her lessons that I really started to understand something of the deeper nature of music and the cello-technical means of expressing that music. Since then I have been pursuing a much richer sound and a much better musical expression, and where I succeed it gives me a lot of musical satisfaction. I am perfectly happy taking my heavy cello case on the train and bus – I live outside Utrecht – for lessons which offer me so much.” (Roel)